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Half marathon playlist [07 Sep 2010|09:56pm]
My playlist for the half marathon on Sunday - in order. Last minute suggestions for additions welcome!

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months worth [27 Nov 2008|05:49pm]
Wow its been a long time since I've posted. Well I can partially blame it on the fact its taken us a month to get internet sorted out in our new flat.

Yes we have a new flat, so that's news item number one. We've only moved round the corner but its a big deal because 1. I've moved in wih Amy and 2. bizarrely it seems like we've moved into a quiet spot despite still being in the Lace Market. We even ahd a hosuewarming aprty which, depsite lot of stress, went quite well in the end. I made sushi and Amy got out her drinks fountain :)

The other thing is I need to report on how awesome V festial was. Rained out massively (you can see the mud on facebook) but still so much fun. Can't believe it was only my first festival. Notwithstanding that (and Muse playing the V), possibly went to the best gig of my life last week when we saw Gogol Bordello at Rock city. I cannot recommend seeing them live highly enough. But we'll see if they keep that title when I see Roots next week.
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topical [27 Nov 2008|05:47pm]
for fans of my userpic


its right next to Kenya apparently
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festivals woo! [03 Apr 2008|12:28pm]
I've just booked tickets to go to V festival this year! Well excited as its the first weekend camping festival i've been on. But I still need some ideas of what to do with our long weekend in April hmm...
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Holiday post - at last! [09 Nov 2007|05:04pm]
OK here is a long overdue (see post below) update on our holiday to Rethymnon in Crete, which was on the week of 5th October! Amusingly enough I was reminded to do this by the fact that my postcard back to work has only just this week turned up – the post is rubbish at the moment.

Goats, gorges and bull monsters beneath the cut...

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Anyway all in all it must have been one of the best holidays I've ever had as an adult – Crete is one of the few European holiday destinations I'd like to see again!
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skipping one [04 Nov 2007|09:57pm]
OK I know this is a bit cheeky since I haven’t even posted yet about our amazing holiday in Crete (that’ll be a long entry) but I think I have to mention, quickly, what we did this weekend. Photos to follow I hope...

For Amy's birthday I wanted to get her a weekend surprise. She loves musicals so I thought I would take her off to a London hotel and we would go and see a musical - Cabaret, in fact. Annoyingly though after I'd booked it, Mum told me that that weekend was also the weekend of my Uncle David's big birthday bash - the theme being Night at the Museum, the location being THE Natural History Museum, the entertainment being Cirque Du Soleil. Of course I couldn’t ditch Amy on her birthday and partners weren't invited. I couldn't even change the date of the theatre weekend, as to my surprise Lastminute wouldn’t allow any alterations to the booking at all!

But as luck would have it at the last minute we were able to swing Amy an invitation - I was well happy! So we went to London for a lovely surprise weekend, I was so pleased to see how happy the surprise made her! Cabaret was a very good musical, quite dark and thought-provoking actually. The lead was played by a girl from Emmerdale but she was awesome. Julian Clary was in it randomly too, not a great singer but he was funny. There was a surprising amount of full frontal nudity too :P

And the party at the Natural History Museum - well what can you say? Once in a lifetime stuff. The best part though was actually seeing the Russell side of my big family all together (and my dad hammered) - there were people there I hadn't seen since I was 6! However I do hope to get photos up too - the whole thing took place under a giant diplodocus skeleton...

Anyway understandably I am now massively tired so it’s off to bed early for me for once!
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[20 Oct 2007|10:41am]
Sorry i havent told you about my ace holiday in Crete yet - I've been really slack on the LJ front. I've not even put the photos up on Facebook yet!
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camping [11 Sep 2007|09:39am]
This weekend me and Amy went away camping! Its been ages since I've done it but I wanted to use my new tent again, and we'd been planning to go all summer – each time we were going to though the weekend was too rainy or something else was on. However last Monday we met Mark and Andi at the pub quiz in Basford and they told us all about this lovely campsite they went to called Birchwood Farm, near Matlock Bath. And we realised that, despite it being September, it was still hot enough for us to get the tent out :) Read more...Collapse )
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[02 Sep 2007|12:36pm]
Ok so its my second full week as a vegetarian. Think I'm doing pretty well so far - the most difficult thing is actually changing your shopping habits and finding new bits in the supermarket which enable you to make varied meals in the week. I'm actually enjoying it at the moment - so much so I've not felt the need to allow myself one meat meal this week (as I did last week, in a big way actually)

This is assisted by the lovely restaurant called Kayal at the end of the road - the meal we went out for on Monday was so good and original, and the guys that run the place have been waving to me each time I go by now! (Maybe cos I've told all my friends about it!)

Work was better this week - I had four hearings to do, which by and large went well, but it meant I had good chargeable hours to round off the month - best of all the train travel was spent largely reading a book or listening to music - what more can you ask?

Finally - we did book a holiday, we're going to Rethymon in Crete in October! Excited :)
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Happy Birthday To Meeee [27 Aug 2007|05:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Wow I'm having such a nice bank holiday! Having a birthday this time of year use to suck cos no-one was around for you birthday party, but its great now I'm at work cos I get my birthday off work for free :) Also so many people have sent me nice birthday messages on Facebook which makes me really happy.

Friday night we went over to my friend Leela's for a dinner party. Leela and her husband John are an old couple who I met through the Buddhist centre and live in a beautiful house out in Wollaton Park. They cooked the best food - all veggie but still gorgeous curries - and cinnamon carrots which I wouldn't have thought worked but really did. It was a very grown up evening actually.

Saturday night my parents came up to see Merchant of Venice at the Castle with me and Amy. It was really good but I got upset because I didn't like the racist protagonists and got upset by how the judgment in the Court scene was totally incorrect and shouldn't have provided the resolution. Also we made a picnic - by the way I have decided to become a vegetarian - and we ended up with a load of ham sandwiches which we wanted to eat but couldn't!

Sunday I got a call from Sammo who was going to Skegness. This was even more random when I found out he now lives hundreds of miles away in Exeter. Skegness, for those who don’t know, is a lovely proletarian seaside resort about two hours from Notts on the train (full of mentalists but oh well) where Mum and Dad used to take us to as children. So I had a lot of reminiscing. Also it was all a bit Phoenix Nights, we saw a jazz singer in the park who was the spit of Jerry St Clair and there was a big fire there at a chippie while we were there (next to a club which had only burnt down last month). We had a BBQ on the beach, met Sam's friends, played a bit of beach volleyball (Amy is good at the Penny Arcade but not so good at volleyball), ate a lot of sugar and saw the donkeys. It was a great day out though I had a very sandy bottom by the end of the day :)

Today has also been great! Me and Amy spent all morning in bed opening my presents (the recent movie seems to have opened the gates to me getting more Transformer-themed stuff this year than any year since I was 12), then went shopping this afternoon and I got a nice new shirt, sandals plus shades. Also we had a very nice lunch at Delilah's and we're going to the new South Indian restaurant on the corner in about an hour - where coincidentally they're celebrating a local festival day!

Finally we might be booking a holiday tonight - anyone have any opinions on Crete or Bulgaria (in October?)

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update [12 Aug 2007|05:41pm]
Well since I'm ranting I should probably update too. Erm but my life's been pretty slow lately, in fact this is all driven by work which is depressing me as there's not enough work around. This stresses me out generally but even more so now I have hours targets to meet.

In good news I have a new phone. Its pretty much the same as my last one but with a better camera and real flash (as opposed to a torch :P) which I'm dying to try out. Amy got a cooler one though - the O2 cocoon. But I'm not that cool :p

By the way I'm loving Chromeo's CD but it really makes me want to buy a car!

Stupid ManU, why do you not bring two strikers, especially when the one you don't bring is in my fantasy team! Seriously though aside from the rant in my previous post I'm well happy the new football season has started and am enjoying fnastty football already :)

Anyway that's all for now.
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VIRGIN MEDIA - WARNING! [11 Aug 2007|12:44pm]
Many people were optimistic when NTL, notorious for their poor service levels, were taken over by Virgin Media. How wrong we were.

I am now on Virgin Media and seriously regret it.

The first two bills we received seriously overcharged us - the first by more than three times what we should've been charged! It took me four very long phone calls to get the issue sorted out - as usual they tell you its sorted out and then when you get eh next bill you find out it isn't so the process begins again..

Then last week our TV stopped working. We live in flats without reception so we've had literally no TV for a week. Rather than sending someone out to fix it they said they could send a signal that would probably clear the problem. However the machine which sent the signal was broken so we'd have to wait two days. Two days later (midweek) it’s still not worked and it turns out that that doesn’t fix the problem so they have to send someone out after all.

We are told they need to send someone out but of course they have a 5-hour timeslot in which they can come round - either 8 - 1pm or 1 - 6pm. During which time we're of course at work so we say you'll have to come on weekend. Today I get a phone call from a ma with a van who tells me they can't come today because they'll get a parking ticket if they park outside our flat. Today is Saturday. Its not often we actually want to watch something specific on TV but the first Match of the Day of the season is pretty important. So I tell him the parking ticket is their problem not mines. He says they're not coming today but can come on Monday. This is no good I say, since we want to watch Match of the Day and our TV has been down for over a week, plus we're at work in the week. Oh no he say they can come in the evenings after work (after all it seems). But I still don't have TV this weekend. I'm sure the saga will continue.

Needless to say I am now very stressed. I am going to complain, possibly to the Ombudsman and Which?, and would not recommend Virgin Media to anyone.
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wiiiiiiiiii [01 Aug 2007|12:10pm]
I had an awesome games evening last night. Firstly, I bought a wii at lunchtime and soooo did not want to go back to the office in the afternoon! We had a fun gaming session with Amy and my flatmate Peter learning how to use the controller. I hope I get into it - I'm a bit worried that I've splashed out a lot of money on a console without many great games for it at the moment. Plus I like my fighting and sport games and I'm not sure I udnerstand 3D as yet! I did consider getting a DS (mostly for the lawyer simulation, Hamsterz and Brain Training)- hope I've not made the wrong decision...

Then we went out to play squash at Victoria Leisure Centre. I've only played once before but I did ejoy it so Amy said she'd teach me and we could play regularly - good social game and it'll keep me fit now football and running are off. Plus I'd forgotten how unique local authority leisure centres are! Reminded me of being 12 :)

(PS I Won :p)
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[29 Jul 2007|08:55pm]
I played the best game of Scrabble ever today. Me and Amy on the train back from Sleaford - we got some really good words and both finished with 218 so it was a draw and the game lasted exactly the length of the journey!

Also I showed my mum how to bluetooth :)
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[23 Jul 2007|10:43pm]
What a great weekend!

A few weeks ago I wanted to go to Belgium to see the Dour festival. However we worked out it would not be possible since it was my brother's graduation that same day. I was very proud of him, surprised myself actually.

Instead I noticed that certain acts who I was keen to see were then coming onto England. In particular Gym Class Heroes, who I've loved for about a year now and have just gotten big (though I must have been the last to hear about it!). Anyway we saw they were on in Birmingham and in London on the weekend. It'd be harder to get to London we thought but we could make a weekend of it. So we did – in fact we got theatre break tickets!

We arrived in London at 7.15 on Friday, the gig's doors opened at 7.00 but we decided we didn't want to lug our case across town and leave it in a cloakroom so we went to our hotel room first (which was very nice – I've missed staying in hotels obviously!). We made it back to the gig venue at 9. The Forum is a really good venue – an old theatre near Camden town, pretty sizeable actually.

Turns out we'd just missed the two crappy warm up acts- perfect timing! Gym Class Heroes were really good (photos to follow) – they're a live band hiphop/rock act, and impressed by doing not just their own songs but also a version of the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations and a jam session which featured a surprise tambourine solo. The crowd of teen girls went wild when they played their hit but there were enough proper fans in the audience too who sang along when they played older numbers like "Taxi Driver." Their frontman was fun too, pantomiming the words to his songs. And the finale was "Clothes Off", which the band take quite literally! All in all pretty awesome.

Saturday we saw my old friend Matt, who I'd not seen since travelling with him around Thailand 3 years ago. IT was great to see him again and catch up. After that we were going to see a musical.

I wasn't holding out massively high hopes for Les Miserables - its the advertising with little children on that puts you off I think. But actually its a very melodramatic epic heavyweight musical, replete with social commentary apt to the French Revolution, and I can see why its the world's longest running - you get quite emotionally involved at times! Amy was blown away so I was very happy to have gone to it with her.

And we saw Suggs! He was standing on a corner outside a pub in Soho (actually I totally missed him but Amy spotted him and pointed him out to me).

On Sunday we went to the Tate Modern which was cool – I like going to art galleries and I don't get to do it often enough. We saw a great piece of colour (quite literally) film by Len Lye, and numerous videos of a dog knocking a man over. The serious stuff was more boring .

After that weekend I'm ready for a quiet one next weekend! Unlikely – Rob is coming over and we're going to see Transformers 

PS: the new Aesop Rock CD, does in fact rock.
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stuff i've been doing [06 Jul 2007|02:50pm]
I'm having an OK time at work at the mo - still not enough on my plate but I've had one of those weeks where you want to keep ringing the success bell - you plug and plug for months and all your good results come in on the same day :) Plus had my first time in the Crown Court this month – scary.

I need to get fit to do running again - I still want to do the Nottingham Half Marathon, and I've got a short race at the end of this month but I'm nowhere near fit enough yet!

Woot I'm going to see Gym Class Heroes next week! I wanted to see them at the Dour Festival (together with Hot Chip, Wu Tang Clan, Stones Throw etc.) but we decided it would be too difficult to get to Brussels on the same day as my brothers graduation(!). So instead we've looked at when the same bands are touring the UK, and I found Gym Class Heroes playing in London. We're going to make a long weekend of it - staying in a hotel in London and going to see a show too.

Almost forgot! I have joined a book club, its very random. Currently I am reading Paul Auster's "New York Trilogy" – wish me luck I've got to read it in a month and I'm not very fast!

Hopping on a plane now to go to Edinburgh for Nick's stag do - should be fun, we're going white water rafting too. Plus I'm going to see Neil again which I'm looking forward to.
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general update [11 Jun 2007|03:10pm]
So what've I been up to lately I hear you ask?

Well last weekend it was nice and sunny so me and Amy went out and had a few picnics in the park(s) (Arboretum on Saturday and Wollaton on Sunday). At arboretum I got us some very tasty food and made an ice cream cool bag and we listened to our new ska CD. But some drunken guys playing football very near us kept disturbing us – otherwise though it was very nice. On Sunday we headed to Wollaton park and to our surprise it was like a parking lot when we got there- fortunately though that was because there was a vintage car show on! We saw some cool old American cars and they had one of those crazy caravans with a loudspeaker on top calling the event. Both times we went ostensibly to put up my tent to check it for damage as we've planned to go camping this summer. However we were too lazy and never got furthest than rolling out the groundsheet!

At work I'm still a bit worried about my chargeable hours, but at least I have lots of criminal stuff and hearings on at the moment. I also had my first appraisal as a qualified solicitor last week – it took two hours! Nothing too bad came out though so hopefully I'll be able to build on it. To be honest its too hot to be at work at the moment! However on a completely unrelated point the football team is doing well in summer now they've laid down proper fake grass – three wins from three and top of the table, our best run ever I think!

PS - boo looks like no Leeds Wireless festival this weekend (Amy has no money sadly – stupid student lifestyle!). But looks like it might be a washout anyway so hopefully won't be missing out on a fantastic day or anything. Shame we can't go camping instead though, for the same reasons!
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reunion weekend [11 Jun 2007|02:35pm]
So this weekend the lads from uni came up for a bit of a reunion party. Last time I saw them was well over a year ago now so its overdue - will have to make a better effort in the future. Ian came all of the way from the USA to be in Nottingham!

On Friday night Karl and Alex arrived and we went out with Sammo. Karl was just floored by everyday things in Nottingham, it was amazing how fond he was for tiny things that (since I've lived here 7 years now) I no longer cared about! We went to all our old haunts, which was an idea that had mixed success since we used to go to the cheapest places - that's OK during the week but they tend to be filled with chavs on the weekend. We didn’t get out till 10.30pm but we did some speedy catch up drinking in Revolution and then it was on to Oceania for a bit of a boogie.

On Saturday started with a big breakfast at the Warsaw diner (mm pancakes) and then met up with Sam on the Jubilee Campus. Then Jas arrived and drove us back to the waterfront where we met up with James and did some nice afternoon drinking in the sun. Later that evening we went to 4550 Miles from Delhi (I wanted to use my new Gourmet Society card which gives you discount off food but they wouldn’t let me since it was a Saturday). Last time I went there we managed to order the most expensive things on the menu and paid about £50 a head – this time I think we were a bit more sober and sensible and we managed to get a huge amount of food for only £17 a head – which slowed us down a bit to be honest!

That night we wended up in Snug which was very cool, and a good idea of Sam's. Jas did his usual trick of buying a round of champagne J Then we went for a dance upstairs – there was one very cool song (which I'm listening to now) so I asked the DJ what it was called and he told me. Then I saw him beckoning me back to his booth – and then he handed me over a free CD of the song! He said it was a spare copy. I was very impressed.

After that I had to take James home as he was sleepy but then the plan was to head back out and meet the guys in the casino. I walked in to see them and they told me that if I signed up I'd get a £5 free voucher so I went back outside to sign up. However the guy at the desk asked me if I'd just been in and then out again and I said yes – then he said he couldn’t let me in. When I asked why he said it was because I had gone in without signing up which was illegal (not that there was anyone stopping me!). We then had a bit of back and forth about licensing laws, both with him and the bouncer, which led to me getting very angry and saying I would be writing letters to get them shut down (which is actually well within my capability, since that’s more or less my job). However I do think I've now thought better of it and, although there's nothing stopping me writing in, I think it would just be out of vindictiveness. What do you think?

Still we had a great weekend and I felt really good just seeing everyone again.

I'll post a general update later.
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[28 May 2007|11:20pm]
Whoa! Major revelation at the end of episode 3 of this season's Doctor Who!

And kittens too :)
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new post [22 May 2007|10:16am]
ok i have realised I have been a little lax on posting here since my holiday was over (boo) but "a little lax" pretty much describes my life since then. In fact this has lead to some very serious happenings which are the most significant things to have happened to me in months, maybe years, but I'm not about to talk them through here. Suffice to say its big changes for me now.

Work has been very slow since my return and I'm finding it a bit hard to get motivated, particularly now I have my own office! I'd be much happier with some new cases and a bigger workload.

Weekend before last I went to Centre Parcs with Amy and her friends. It was great! We played squash - I've never played squash before and I think I like it. Plus the swimming pool there is ace, you can play a game where you cause a big log jam of bodies on the rapids slide :) just a shame its too expensive for us to go just the two of us. The only downside was I left my black caridgan that I always wear on the bus - I must remember to ring the bus company to see if they still have it (unlikely). Also I need to get both pairs of my glasses fixed and get a new epipen since its out of date.

This weekdn we had my brother Adam and his girlfriend Liz over for tapas! Me and Amy had good fun cooking it, it took all afternoon but we went to get the ingredients from the proper fruit and veg market and everything - I've missed doing proper cooking and its so cool that Amy likes it too. Adam has an exam today so I'm wishing him luck.

Also saw Sammo and his girlfriend this weekend (aren't we all very couply!) and we tried to plan the reunion weekend of all the lads from Uni. We are either going paintballing or go-karting - I hope paintballing cos I've never done it before and I suck at go-karting.
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